I would like to welcome you to ‘The Authentic Journey’, a website aiming at providing you with tools and reflections to help you on your journey to self-discovery in order to reveal who you truly are.

Of course, this is a deeply personal path and one that you only can take for yourself but I think that it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to walk it along.

As in any heroic quest, there are auxiliaries helping the hero, i.e. you, to find methods and/or new ways of looking at yourself, life and any aspect that you would like to transform.

Thus, though I share my thoughts and advice on this website, I would like it to be a platform for people to empower one another rather than a narcistic rant. I am indeed also in my journey to discover my authentic self and would love to benefit from my readers’ input.

I decided to create this website after realising that I would never ‘fit into the mould’ but that instead of desperately fighting to try and fit in, I should rather embrace myself with all my quirks and all the parts that make me who I am.

Do you now who you really are? I mean TRULY, deep inside, what puts sparkles in your life?

Beyond how society, the media, your parents, husband, wife, partner, colleagues, boss, friends define you, who are you? What makes you this unique human being perfectly made in the image of God?

My hope for this website is that it may give you and me the necessary support to dig deep inside our soul, meet wonderful sidekicks and find the treasure trove that is our true self.

May this be a place for love, growth and positivity.

With love,